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Do you brush your teeth regularly and with care but are still unable to achieve that Hollywood sparkle? Let’s take an example of your favorite white T-shirt. You must have observed how over the years it begins to lose its brightness and becomes dull and yellowish even when you’ve taken good care of it. That’s exactly how your teeth work as well!

Teeth whitening | What is Teeth Whitening?

Over the years, Enamel- the most outer layer of your tooth, is a porous layer that tends to absorb the color of all those daily doses of caffeine via coffee or tea, the frizzy colored drinks, daily puffs of cigarettes, red wine and several other colored foods that we consume that leads to the dulling of your natural teeth! With that said, one needs to keep in mind that there are other factors that contribute to specific staining of your teeth, including heavy anti-biotic use.

Teeth whitening or Bleaching is the process of applying a peroxide based bleaching agent on your teeth which breaks down the staining compounds embedded deep in your enamel.

So what kind of stains can be treated with teeth whitening?
Stains that the tooth absorbs over the years because of coffee, tea, alcohol, cigarettes or various colored foods, known as ‘extrinsic stains’, can be removed using this method.

Another category of tooth stains are embedded in the deeper layers of tooth and are relatively complex to treat. These are known as ‘intrinsic stains’ and may be due to a number of reasons like long standing tooth infection, old metallic fillings and specific anti-microbial agents like Tetracycline used during a root canal treatment or formed during the developing stages of a tooth due to certain medications, nutritional deficiencies, genetic disorders or high fluoride consumption.

Such intrinsic stains may require additional approaches to be treated, as whitening alone cannot achieve the perfectly white smile for intrinsic stains. Our team of smile experts here at Wyndham Dental Solutions has just the right treatment solutions for you, hence you need not worry about that dull smile any longer!

Dentist Recommended Whitening Systems Vs Over-The-Counter Whitening Products

In the present era, due to our busy routines and preference for quick results -even with its accompanied harms and disadvantages- over a safer but time consuming process, there has been a lot of talk of home remedies and over-the-counter whitening products such as whitening strips, gels and charcoal-based tooth pastes and powders.

It may seem like an attractive deal to achieve that sparkle with lesser cost and within the comfort of your own home, but what they fail to advertise are the harms that it may inflict on your oral health! Unsupervised or home-based whitening kits can lead to hypersensitivity of teeth or even cause burns in your gums, so always follow professional dental advice when seeking treatment with at-home bleaching kits.

Charcoal based tooth pastes and powders can be quite abrasive on your teeth and although they may give you temporary results, it may lead to long term gradual wear of your teeth, resulting in increased susceptibility to chipping of tooth and even decay. Think of it this way, would you rub sandpaper on your teeth daily? You would only end up abrading your enamel and causing it to wear away at alarming speeds!

How we can help...

We offer a wide range of procedures to help you get the perfect smile.

Teeth Whitening | Teeth whitening at Wyndham Dental Solutions!

At Wyndham Dental Solutions we make sure to take the process step-wise and create the best treatment plan for you. This requires assessing of all your teeth for sensitivity, tooth decay, white spots or intrinsic stains which may require a separate treatment first. We then decide the suitable peroxide concentration of the agent used for your whitening.

The process takes about an hour where we start off with isolating your gums and lips to protect them from any undesirable harm from bleaching gel. The gel is applied on to your teeth and a blue LED light is used to activate it, allowing the gel to do its magic! This is referred to as ‘In-Office Teeth Whitening’, exclusively available at Wyndham Dental Solutions.

For the effects of in-office bleaching to last longer, we recommend at-home teeth whitening using custom made trays fabricated at our clinic after an impression of your teeth is taken, and provide a whitening agent that is of a lower concentration and safe for home use. This is carried out for two weeks post in-office whitening for an hour each day at any time, topping up your whitening and helping you to maintain that bright sparkle for longer!

Post Bleaching Sensitivity and Management

In some cases, patients may develop temporary sensitivity after bleaching, but there’s nothing to be concerned about. This is quite manageable, where prescription fluoride gels can be used. We’ll make sure you’re fully prepared before you leave our clinic with that sparkling, spectacular new smile!

Recommended Number of Teeth whitening Sessions

Whitening has been thought of as harmful for the longest time, but that’s if it is overdone! We recommend it at most twice a year as this would minimize the risk of increased sensitivity. Leave your smile to our experts at Wyndham Dental Solutions!

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