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Paediatric Dentistry

Fissure Sealants

When kids first start having their adult teeth emerging in their mouth, it is a good idea to have some of these teeth protected with Fissure Sealants (FS). They are a good prevention method for children with a high risk of developing caries -­‐ for example, a child with a sugary diet. They may also be good candidates for FS if their new adult teeth have deep fissures and grooves on their surface where food and bacteria can accumulate. Fissure sealant is the application of a material into the tooth’s grooves and fissures, preventing bacteria from penetrating and causing damage to the tooth surface. The application is a simple procedure and it can be a good way to introduce your child to a dental clinic environment. During this appointment, we will clean and dry your child`s tooth, prepare the tooth surface to receive the sealant, and apply the sealant which will flow into the tooth’s grooves, hardened by a strong light. With the help and support of our caring and dedicated nurses, your child will be comfortable throughout their visit.

Orthodontics (braces)

If you have observed that your child has a poorly aligned bite, crowding of teeth or a delay in the emergence of a tooth, give us a call to schedule a consultation. In many cases, orthodontic treatment can be avoided or shortened by early diagnosis and intervention. For more information, please refer to the Orthodontics (braces) tab on this website and bring your child in so we can assess the situation and help if needed.

Happy Gas

If your child seems nervous or anxious about their dental visit, or if unfortunately they have to go through a bigger procedure such as a tooth extraction, do not worry. We have Nitrous Oxide (happy gas or laughing gas) so that your child can have a pleasant time during their visit. Occasionally, children can feel slightly nauseous during its use. However, overall this is a very safe method and children usually tolerate it very well.

Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS)

The Commonwealth Child Dental Benefits Schedule provides assistance for basic dental care for eligible children aged 2 to 17. Each eligible child has a $1,000 limit, and a range of treatment is available with CDBS, such as clean, check-­‐ups, fissure sealants, x-­‐rays, fillings, extractions and root canal treatment. If you are not sure whether your child is eligible for this program, you can call Medicare`s General Enquiries line on 13 20 11 -­‐ you will need to have your Medicare card with you or simply bring it with you to your appointment with us and we can check it for you.


It is great when a child gets involved with sports, and we love hearing about our patients’ accomplishments in their footy or soccer matches. It is extremely important that kids are involved in group activities and that they stay active, but when it comes to certain sports, unfortunately there is a risk of injury. Mouthguards are a MUST to protect the teeth of our little athletes. We can provide custom-­‐fitted mouthguards that will offer significantly more protection when compared to the ones you can find in stores. We also have a range of colours that you can pick from and get your customized mouthguard!

Also, if you are an adult who plays a contact sport frequently, you are also more than welcome to come in and get your own customized mouthguard.

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