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Australia’s dentists are some of the most highly qualified practitioners of their skills in the world.

They operate within a rigorous legislative framework backed by professional ethics and standards, with three Australian universities ranked in the top 50 dental schools in the world. (

Paediatric dentistry – a special set of skills

In order to practice in Australia – at a minimum – it’s necessary to hold a Bachelor of Dental Surgery/B Dent or Bachelor of Dental Science gained from a university in Australia, New Zealand or the United Kingdom with foreign qualifications subject to rigorous testing.

From this base standard, Australian dentists can specialise in many different fields of dentistry.

There are thirteen areas recognised by the Dental Board of Australia and paedeatric dentistry – the dental care of adolescents, children and infants – is one of the toughest to get into and succeed at.

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Paediatric dentistry – crucial skills for a crucial time

The first step is to register with the Dental Board of Australia and pick a speciality, including paedeatric dentistry.

Accreditation is granted if the applicant can prove they have the training for the area, which is usually covered in their degree or have experience or training that’s considered to be substantially equivalent.

Paediatric dentistry is a highly specialised field that provides therapeutic and preventative oral health care for children, right through from the newborn phase to the teenage years.

High standards are the minimum

The development of our teeth is a crucial stage of life, the majority of which happens from infancy through to adolescence. From teething as a baby to developing adult teeth, most of the growing pains, problems and cosmetic procedures will happen when we are young.

A paediatric dentist’s work can range from helping an infant overcome teething problems to setting braces on a teenager’s crooked adult teeth. Paediatric dentists need a wide range of professional skills as well as a friendly manner to put young patients at ease and make their experience as pain-free and pleasant as possible.

Paediatric dentists need to be able to care for their young patients as well as foster good relationships with parents and legal guardians. It takes a special blend of skills, experience and good humour to be a paediatric dentist!

So the next time your child is in the dentist’s chair, relax – they’re in good hands, trained to a high standard that ensures the best quality of care is given.