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Gum Lifts

Lift up your smile with our expert gum lift

Have a gummy smile that you want treated? At Wyndham Dental, we offer expert gum lifts and recontouring services using advanced laser technology to give you more confidence in your smile! Our dentists and dental staff are professionals at the top of their field that use state-of-the-art facilities to give you the best dental treatments in Werribee and surrounding areas.

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Why Get A Gum Lift?

A gum lift is usually a minimal cosmetic procedure that can be combined with other dental treatments for optimal results. Through this procedure the gum line is raised, sculpted or contoured to improve a gummy smile, even your gum line and increase the length of your teeth.

A gum lift is usually chosen for aesthetic purposes but there are certain instances where there is an underlying health condition behind a gummy smile such as abnormally developed teeth/ upper jaw or worn down teeth. At times, excess gum tissue can interfere with how well you can brush or floss your teeth and therefore, increase your risk of tooth decay. In these instances, getting a gum lift in addition to other dental treatments is a matter of achieving a healthier smile.

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What Causes a Gummy Smile

If your gums overlap your teeth more than usual, your gum line is uneven or your upper teeth seem to be shorter, this may make you feel like your gum is more prominent when you smile. This may occur due to different reasons including:

  • Your genetic makeup
  • Your teeth wearing down
  • Side-effects of medications
  • An abnormal development of your teeth/jaw

During your initial consultation we’ll conduct an oral health assessment to determine the underlying cause and the best course of treatment to follow.

Who Qualifies for a Gum Lift?

In order to be eligible for a gum lift, patients need to have a strong, healthy root that can handle more of the tooth being exposed. Typically carried out only for front teeth, we can determine if you’re a good fit for this once the initial consultation is scheduled.

Dental Implant
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The Process

The process of getting a gum lift is fairly simple.

  • Local anesthesia is applied before the gum lift to minimize any discomfort.
  • A laser is gently used to remove excess or reshape gums without use of incisions, cuts or bleeding.
  • This session will take approximately 20 to 30 minutes.

Why Wyndham Dental For Your Gum Lift?

You’ll want to trust only the best for your dental treatments. At Wyndham Dental, we guarantee:

  • Highest quality dental care
  • Pioneering techniques in dentistry
  • A comfortable family-oriented environment
  • Expert & licensed dental team

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How Much Does A Gum Lift Cost?

The average costs of reshaping gums around multiple teeth would be around $1000 to $3000. This depends on the extent of work needed for your individual smile.

Is A Gum Lift Painful?

As a minimally invasive procedure, you can expect a gum lift to be quite painless. Local anesthesia helps reduce any discomfort during the process.

dental implant
dental implant

After-Care for Your Gum Lift

Recovery time often depends on the complexity of your individual case. For a minimal procedure, most patients will experience slight swelling or bruising and can usually return to work the next day. For more intensive cases that involve other treatments, our dentists will recommend the dietary changes and best after-care tips that you have to maintain in the days to follow. You should generally avoid spicy or hard foods after dental treatments, however.

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Why Choose Wyndham Dental?

At Wyndham Dental, we have a team of caring people who are extremely passionate about what they do. This allows us to give you the very best service at all times, and we have an extensive history of happy patients to show for it. We offer a range of dental treatments ranging from general dentistry to cosmetic alternatives, and implement the latest technology utilized by skilled professionals.

Our dentists at Wyndham Dental are experts in the field of dentistry. Once you come into our office, we’ll help you decide which options will best fit your goals and discuss all the details related to the procedure. We will also cover any queries you have so you have all the information you need at your fingertips to make your decision. Your comfort is our priority..