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Get the kids excited for brushing and flossing!

Have you heard the saying “old habits die hard”? It’s true – it’s hard to break habits, even the good ones. If you make brushing and flossing a non-negotiable rule in early childhood, as your children grow they’re more likely to keep taking care of their teeth.So how do you establish great habits that will protect your kids’ teeth? By making brushing and flossing a fun and positive experience when they are little!Here are some ideas:

  • Brush your teeth at the same time. Kids love copying mum and dad, especially when you make a big deal about it. Add some fun by having a collection of different colored toothbrushes and let your child choose which to use.
  • Sing the ‘Wheels on the Bus’ as they’re brushing their teeth with the toothbrush making circular motions on their teeth. Make up different verses for each brush motion. Or, perhaps pretend they are a ‘choo choo train’ with the wheels going round and round (as well as the brush over their teeth).
  • Let them choose their own tooth brush, floss and toothpaste. When you go to the supermarket, give your child the choice out of the suitable options for their age.
  • For tiny tots – play a game that counts how many teeth they have. Use a tooth brush and brush each individual tooth as you count the teeth.
  • Use your smartphone to take a photo each morning of your child’s ‘shining teeth’ after they’ve brushed. Emphasise how wonderful their teeth look. Do this for about a month until brushing becomes a habit. Photos taken at night can be the ‘practice’ photos for the morning.
  • Set up a reward system. Perhaps if they brush their teeth at night, they can stay up for an extra 15 minutes. Or, make a chart and if they brushand floss each day and night for a week, they earn a (non-food) treat, for a month a special toy or outing.

If your child appears to have sensitive teeth, it could be a sign of decay or a tooth enamel issue and it’s important to make an appointment to see one of the caring childrens dentists at Wyndham Dental Solutions to make sure all is OK.

Even if you think you child’s teeth look healthy, it’s important that they have regular checkups. Call to make an appointment on 9741 1009 – our dentists cover all areas of the Werribee region including Wyndham Vale.