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Fillings vs. Crowns — Which is Right for You?

Woman getting a filling

You haven’t had a cavity in years, but suddenly you’ve found that one of your teeth feels rough, sensitive, and is tending to get food stuck in it at each meal. When you schedule your exam at Wyndham Dental, you might be wondering which option is better: asking for a filling or going ahead and getting a crown.


Fillings go in Teeth, Crowns go on Them

 Fillings literally fill in open cavities inside of your tooth. But first, all of those compromised areas need to be removed and only healthy tooth structure left behind. If the “hole” is small enough, a filling is more than adequate.

When a tooth is too badly compromised by a cavity or fracture, it can’t hold a filling in place without breaking down around it. Instead, a crown is placed over the tooth to protect it. Crowns are also recommended after root canals (endodontic therapy) and can be placed on top of implants to replace missing teeth.


It’s About the Integrity of Your Tooth

 There are some situations where the decision between a filling and crown is more of a close call than an obvious choice. Our Wyndham dentists will need to compare your previous dental history to the x-rays of your tooth to determine the most conservative path to treatment.


 Pressure and Tooth Alignment

During your exam, our Wyndham dentists will evaluate how your teeth bite together. Is the compromised tooth one that endures heavy pressure when you’re biting down? A thin shell of enamel with a filling may not withstand normal biting and chewing the way a protective crown does.

At Wyndham Dental, we offer comprehensive restoration options like tooth coloured crowns, fillings, and more. Schedule an exam today to find out how we can help you keep your teeth healthy for life.