Dental Implant

What is a Dental Implant?

dental implant

A dental implant is a titanium post that is placed inside the jawbone to replace a tooth root. This post is surgically positioned underneath the gum line. After the healing period, a tooth crown (fake tooth), bridge or denture can be mounted onto this post. Not all patients are suitable for implant placement as there are a few pre-­‐requisites. There must be an adequate width and height of bone in the area of interest and there needs to be healthy gums and good oral hygiene. There are also a few health conditions which demand more care and can present as a difficulty in implant placement, such as smoking, diabetes and osteoporosis. However, having one of these conditions does not mean you cannot have an implant – it just means that you need a thorough consultation with your GP and your dentist to make sure that you have the best outcome and that the advantages of implant placement outweighs the risks. Therefore, before you go ahead with the implant placement you need to have an initial consultation with the dentist.

Initial appointment for implant placement:

The initial appointment for implant placement (Implant Consultation) normally goes for about 30 minutes and consists of a clinical examination where we assess the gum health, hygiene condition and analyze the space and the position of teeth. At this appointment you are also going to be asked about your general health and current medications. Then, a 3-­‐D scan (or Cone Bean Computed Tomography) will be taken (we have this facility at our Clinic for your convenience), this scan will determine if there is sufficient volume of bone to receive an implant.

Implant Placement appointment:

The length of this appointment varies according to the number of implants to be placed and their location. You will be advised prior to your appointment exactly how long you are going to be with us. All pre-­‐operative instructions will be given to you before this appointment so that you are aware of any precautions and the same will happen after your surgery. After the implant is placed and proper instructions are given, we will schedule a review appointment where we assess if your implant is ready to receive a crown (fake tooth that will be mounted on the implant) and initiate the making of it.

Why do an implant with us:

Implants have many advantages compared to other replacement solutions as they are a long-­‐term treatment with great durability and the majority of patients are very happy with the results. Dr. Tarcilio Cavalcante has been placing implants for many years now on a weekly-­‐basis, and his experience can be seen with our many patients who have their implants still successful after many years of placement. If you are interested in knowing more about implants, give us a call and schedule an Implant Consultation with Dr. Cavalcante to find out if this option suits you.

The dentist here at Wyndham Dental are experts in implant dentistry. Come into our office and let’s discuss your options. We will determine if you are the right candidate to receive a dental implant. We will discuss all the details about the procedure and what you can expect as a dental implant recipient. We will also cover any question you might have about the process. We want to make sure that you have all the information you need when making your decision to go forward with the dental implant procedure.

  • Look and feel like your natural teeth
  • The can improve your speech as compared to dentures
  • Eating and chewing are more natural
  • Confidence in your smile
  • The life of a dental implant can extend beyond 25years with proper care
  • Replaces the need for dentures
  • Improves your oral health, because dental implants don’t require removing material from your other teeth, leaving more of your own teeth intact.

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