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What do Cosmetic Veneers Have to Offer?


Have you been considering getting a bit of cosmetic dental work done to improve how your smile looks? From whitening to braces, you may feel like there are more options to choose from than you thought possible. If you’re looking for a comprehensive smile makeover approach that’s completed in just a few steps, you ought to give our Werribee clinic’s cosmetic veneers a consideration!

Get to know what sets veneers apart from other choices…

Veneers are Ideal for Healthy Teeth

A veneer is a thin layer of porcelain that masks the tooth behind it. But they’re not used to repair decaying, broken teeth. Instead, veneers are ideal for healthy teeth that are just troubled by aesthetic flaws.

Some People Call Them “Instant Braces”

Instead of wearing braces to correct crowding or tooth misalignment, veneers can mask minor orthodontic issues. In just a couple of appointments, your teeth look instantly straighter!

Improve Tooth Size and Shape

Each veneer is designed to create a uniform shape and size of the tooth that it’s masking. If you have a few teeth that are misshaped or short, the veneers can help your bite to appear more even from one side to the other.

Teeth That Stay White

Porcelain maintains its shade and hue. This means that while natural tooth enamel can get darker with age, your veneers stay the same colour. Although superficial stains can accumulate over time (like from your tea or coffee) they are easily polished off during your dental cleaning.

Investing in dental veneers can help you feel confident about your choice of cosmetic work. With good care and maintenance, your new smile will last for years to come. Schedule a consultation at Wyndham Dental in Werribee to find out how you can change the way your teeth look for added confidence when you’re laughing or smiling around friends.