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Is your child suffering from crooked teeth?


Straightening those crooked teeth

We use different types of braces to straighten crooked teeth in children to give them a beautiful and radiant smile for the many years to come. We offer both conventional metal braces as well as clear aligners depending on the needs of your child. For our adult patients, we have Invisalign braces which are clear and are worn like a gum guard.

Your child may experience several complications such as jaw joint pain and wearing down of tooth surfaces if they have untreated crooked bite.  The best time to start orthodontic treatment (braces) is when your child is still young, under the age of 10 years. We recommend early start of treatment because the jaw bone is much softer and teeth can be moved much faster.

Diet restrictions

Your child will have to follow strict diet restrictions and also be meticulous with brushing. If these are not followed your child may experience frequent breakages of the braces and this may lengthen treatment time.

Treatment time

Each case is different, so we can only give you an estimated treatment time after you bring in your child for an initial consultation with our orthodontist. It can range from a few months to some years, depending on the severity of the crookedness.

Getting Retainers after treatment

After treatment has been done, we will give your child a retainer to wear. This is a clear appliance which is like a gum guard. This will be used to keep your child’s teeth in their new position and prevent relapse back into crookedness.


Call our friendly team at Wyndham dental today and we will get you and/or your child booked in and have you on your way to a beautiful smile.