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Advantages of Getting Dental Implants

Unlike other modern types of tooth replacements, dental implants are the only ones that are structurally designed in a way that mimics natural teeth. From the artificial “root” to the crown anchored on top of it, these bio-compatible restorations are one of — if not the — best way to rehabilitate your smile when addressing missing teeth.

Here are a few reasons why our Wyndham dentists frequently recommend implants to our patients:

Implants are Non-invasive to Other Teeth

An implant is a stand-alone new “tooth” that sets between healthy teeth without affecting their structure or integrity. When options like a bridge would call for reshaping and compromising the structure of those teeth, an implant prevents it. It also takes up less space in the mouth, making it more comfortable than wearing a removable denture or other type of prosthesis.


Most Implants Last for Decades

In nearly 98% of cases, implants last for few decades. They are generally considered to be a reliable procedure that outlasts other types of dental treatments, making them an ideal investment in your smile’s future. To protect them, it’s important that you treat your implants like natural teeth (which includes brushing and flossing them daily.)


An Implant is Extremely Strong

Because implants are made of titanium (a biocompatible material that’s frequently used in surgical joint replacements,) they’re very durable when it comes to supporting the heavy pressures of biting and chewing. In fact, one implant can withstand biting pressures typically supported by multiple teeth. As such, we can use implants in pairs for supporting longer bridges to replace several teeth at once.


Wyndham Dental offers comprehensive dental implant solutions for every smile. Contact our Wyndham dentists today to schedule an exam to find out implants are right for you.