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So what should you eat for a healthier mouth? Here’s a few tips:1. Vegetables and fibrous fruitMost vegetables and fruit are high in water and fibre, which help clean your teeth as you eat. They can also counteract the sugars that feed the harmful bacteria that can lead to gum disease and damage tooth enamel, which leads to tooth decay. Good fruit and vegetable snack choices are pears, melons, cucumbers and celery.

2. Eating lean proteins

Proteins contain nutrients that can help rebuild your tooth enamel, keeping it healthy, strong and resistant to tooth decay. Try to include lean proteins including red meat, poultry, fish, milk and eggs – but don’t forget to floss, meat is one of those foods that can become easily lodged between your teeth.

3. Choose low-fat and skim dairy

Dairy contains calcium, which is crucial in keeping teeth and bones strong and healthy. Cubes of cheese are a great snacking choice, especially for hungry children and teenagers. But avoid putting your toddler to be with a bottle filled with milk. The sugars from the milk will linger in the mouth and feed bacteria and cause cavities. If they need a bottle, transition them to a nighttime bottle of plain water instead.

4. Avoid sticky foods

Sticky snacks stick to teeth making it harder for saliva to wash away the sugars. If you do eat sticky foods, it’s best to brush your teeth straight away. The worst culprits are fruit leathers, dried figs and raisins, anything containing honey, lollies, chewy biscuits and chewy lollies.

5. Nothing beats plain water

The greatest gift you can give yourself and your children is the habit of drinking plain water – straight from the tap. We’re lucky in Melbourne to have fluoride added to our water, which is a mineral that builds strong tooth enamel. Steer clear of sugary soft drinks and juices.

If you would like nutrition advice to help you family ward off gum disease and tooth decay – our friendly and caring Truganina dentists at Wyndham Dental Solutions can teach you the right dental hygiene. Call us on (03) 9741 1009.

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